At Hayward House, Collaborating Women



At Hayward House, Collaborating Women

“Working on movie sets, magazines, or with an actress, everything is about collaboration, and the alchemy of that is so much better than anything I could do alone,” said Amanda Ross in a great-minds-think-alike moment on Friday morning at Hayward House, the store-slash-home of Marin Hopper, who houses her Hayward and Hopper lines in the restored late 1800s townhouse. Ross, whose expertly curated e-commerce site, A Ross Girl, launched a year and a half ago, masterminded the pop-up event with neighbors and pals Hopper and Aerin Lauder. It will be open to the public through Wednesday.

Amanda Ross, Lisa McCarthy, Leslie Stevens, Melissa Biggs Bradley

It’s not the first time that Ross and Hopper have collaborated. The two reconnected when Hopper and her husband, John, moved back to New York from Los Angeles to set up shop on the East Coast. “We ran into each other while I was walking the dog as Amanda is just a block away,” said Hopper. That meeting ignited a holiday pop-up as well as a traveling version at a gallery in Baltimore. Hopper said the two joked, “Wouldn’t it be fun to do an old-fashioned ladies luncheon with models holding up numbers styled by you (Ross)?”


Mariska Hargitay


Shirin von Wulffen, Maria Moyer, Amanda Ross

Turns out, Ross was designing a dress silhouette with London-based brand Soler with a custom floral print by Lauder. Ross thought the breakfast idea would be the best way to launch the dress and create a lifestyle-based curation with an overarching floral theme for a summer pop-up. Along with editing the wares, Ross brought in floral paintings by Anita Calero and too-pretty-to-eat-cakes decorated with flowers from Lael Cakes. Lauder, a lifelong resident of the neighborhood, said, “When I walked in, I was blown away by the beauty, the style, the element of surprise. I think that is what the next generation of retail is all about—the experience. The hats, the bags, the photography, even the powder room is wonderful.”


Lady Liliana Cavendish

Guests such as Alexandre Assouline, Cynthia Frank, Shirin von Wulffen, and Lauren Dupont mingled munching gluten-free donuts and to-die-for tomato tartes while perusing the colorful Hayward bags, Hopper hats, summery Aerin flats, hand-woven pouches from Syria, beaded chokers made by native Kenyan tribes, and crisp blouses from Paris-based brand Dovima. Guests fawned over sculptor Maria Moyer’s limited-edition porcelain flower rings and necklaces on leather cords. The artist only brought ten and said she was a bit reluctant to make them due to their impracticality. “I’m a sculptor. It’s not what I do but I couldn’t say no to Amanda,” she confessed.


Alexia Leuschen, Amanda Ross, Laura Garcia

Mariska Hargitay, a friend and fan of Ross’, made away with a bounty. “The room is conspiring for me to buy the necklace,” she said, referring to a vintage Navajo turquoise piece Ross bestowed upon her décolletage. “It’s this or my daughter goes to college,” she joked to Ross, who caused the Law & Order actress to become star-struck herself when introduced by a mutual friend. As she jetted off in a moment of calm before beginning to film the 19th season of SVU, she purchased a hat, t-shirt, and the rose necklace, as well as the vintage native American piece. College will have to wait.

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