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Oliver Goldsmith Sunglasses: Now Available at ARossGirl

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I have been a fan of Oliver Goldsmith’s sunglasses forever. They are timeless, chic, and remind me of my favorite cinematic icons. Audrey Hepburn, Sofia Loren, and Monica Vitti. 

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If you were living in the 1960s and needed sunglasses, there was only one person to turn to: Charles Goldsmith. Before he came along sunglasses weren’t considered a must-have accessory. This all changed, however, when his work began appearing on some of the most fashionable men and women of the time, like Grace Kelly, Michael Cain, Peter Sellers, and Audrey Hepburn. (Royalty were also clients including Princess Grace of Monaco, the Duke of Windsor, Princess Margaret, and Princess Diana of Wales.) Over the next several decades, Oliver Goldsmith led the evolution of eyewear from a medical necessity to a fashion accessory. 

ARossGirl is now an exclusive retailer of Oliver Goldsmith sunglasses and I have hand-picked some of my favorites, now available in the ARossGirl Shop.

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