The Little Black Dress


As I have moved into my 50’s I’ve been wearing a lot more color however there is nothing more reliable than a LBD. In fashion it is what we call evergreen… always chic, always appropriate, always a good option. Some of my favorite images include the LBD. Here are some from my days as fashion director at Departures magazine.

They bring back trips and fond memories. Shout out to these guys: Richard Story, Michael Shome, Diego Uchitel, Francois Dishinger and Michael Kors. Shop some of my favorite black dresses herehereherehere, and here

Recently I posted a LBD by Alexander Vauthier I purchased at Just one EYE, Los Angeles on Instagram. It inspired my friend and artist, Laurence Calabuig and she painted this, simply named Amanda’s Little Black Dress.

She works on paper with oil pastels, acrylics and mixed media. Check out her fabulous Instagram here. If you like what you see, she works in 2 sizes 50x65cm and 25×32 €550 and €450 respectively, or if you would like a portrait including your face €700.