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Gaux Girl for Margaux

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Gaux Girl

I am so honored to be a Gaux Girl for Margaux.

I am a huge fan of the brand and have written about their incredible custom-made flats before on this site. When they asked if I would be interested in being featured for their Gaux Girl series I was thrilled. 

xo ARossGirl

Gaux Girl - Amanda Ross

The Gaux Girl - A series on brilliant women we’re privileged to count as friends.

Amanda Ross is the embodiment of a girl on the go. From her reign as Fashion Market Director at Harper's Bazaar to styling renowned celebrities, the veteran fashion powerhouse has made a name for herself as a multi-hyphenate success. Simply put, Amanda’s love for fashion is eternal and we’re honored to see that while she has dipped her toes into many areas of the industry, she’s done so while wearing a pair of Margaux flats.

In fact, when entering her refined Upper East Side atelier we spotted our featured gaux girl clad in black and sporting our Demi ballerina (in black of course) as a perfect finishing touch to her look. Entranced in her work, we explored the studio while Amanda finished up a few emails and updates to ARossGirl, her namesake digital platform where she shares inspired edits, travel stories and a glimpse into her chic life.

With Amanda’s discerning eye for style and appetite for New York life we were excited for this fashion maven to show us her world. Read on to learn more about Amanda’s foray into the digital space, her take on smart design and where you’ll find her when she’s taking a break from making sartorial magic.

"I am inspired to live near the best museums, best cappuccino in town and Central Park!"


Meet our Gaux Girl:

I’m Amanda Ross, designer and creator of ARossGirl.


As someone who has dipped their toes in many areas of the fashion industry what has been your favorite job so far?

Hands down, the best part of my career has been all of the wonderful people I have worked with. 


We pride ourselves on being able to provide the perfect pair of flats for the modern girl on the go. With regard to Fall style what is your ideal sartorial pairing? 

Margaux flats with jeans and a great blazer. I have a work uniform: cashmere, fur, jeans and a flat. I wear my Margaux flats with blouses and jeans, throwing on a pullover fur a lá Audrey Hepburn.


Here at Margaux style and smart design go hand-in-hand. What does smart design mean to you and as a fashion expert why do you believe ballet flats are essential staples for the modern woman’s wardrobe?

Smart design involves looking good while being comfortable. Being comfortable doesn’t mean compromising style. Even if I am on the short side I never shy away from a flat. Ballet flats are my weakness and Margaux ballet flats are the chicest and most comfortable.


Our newest collection, The Pointe, was inspired by New York. How would you describe the Upper East Side and why do you think it’s a neighborhood that is synonymous with fashion?

The Upper East Side is rich in history with families who created New York. The streets like Park and Fifth are grand avenues and made for walking. It's like European people get dressed up to go to Church and stroll the avenues on Sunday.


What are some things that are inspiring to you lately or projects you’re currently working on that we should keep an eye out for?

I am creating a new top with London-based design house, Soler, and designing new chokers in Kenya. All of which will soon be sold on ARossGirl.


When you’re not working how would you say fashion is still part of your (off-duty) life? Where can we find you in the city? 

My biggest and most important role in life off-duty is being a step-mom. You can usually find me on the Upper East Side. 


What does being "a girl on the go” mean to you and where do you hope you’re going next? 

Gaux girls are girls who have a lot to accomplish, travel many places in one day, and need a comfortable shoe to get it all done. I mean, who can do that in a heel? Even if I spent years at Harpers Bazaar in a heel, and perfected the performance from 8AM to midnight, you wouldn’t catch me today in a heel during the day. I need a flat with cushion. The new Margaux ballet flat is made-to-measure and is my gaux-to flat.

I’m very excited to visit the South in December. I’m traveling to Atlanta for an ARossGirl pop up with Ann Mashburn at her shop. I need to go to Paris and have a romantic weekend at the newly redone Ritz. I'm desperate to check out Peter Zumthor’s spa in Vals Switzerland. I love Scandinavia and wouldn’t mind revisiting Stockholm and Copenhagen. Iceland has been on my to-do list since college. 


Amanda wears our Demi ballet flat in black. Shop the off-duty inspired shoe here.

Photos by Bridget Badore for Margaux