Margaux – The Gaux Girl


I am a ballet flat girl with a narrow foot so a made-to-measure ballet flat with cushion is a new concept, fun, and very comfortable. I am so proud to be a Girl on the Gaux

I’ve included an excerpt from the story below. You can read the full interview here on their blog.

xo ARossGirl

The Gaux Girl – A series on brilliant women we’re privileged to count as friends.

Amanda Ross is the embodiment of a girl on the go. From her reign as Fashion Market Director at Harper’s Bazaar to styling renowned celebrities, the veteran fashion powerhouse has made a name for herself as a multi-hyphenate success. Simply put, Amanda’s love for fashion is eternal and we’re honored to see that while she has dipped her toes into many areas of the industry, she’s done so while wearing a pair of Margaux flats.

In fact, when entering her refined Upper East Side atelier we spotted our featured gaux girl clad in black and sporting our Demi ballerina (in black of course) as a perfect finishing touch to her look. Entranced in her work, we explored the studio while Amanda finished up a few emails and updates to ARossGirl, her namesake digital platform where she shares inspired edits, travel stories and a glimpse into her chic life.

With Amanda’s discerning eye for style and appetite for New York life we were excited for this fashion maven to show us her world. Read on to learn more about Amanda’s foray into the digital space, her take on smart design and where you’ll find her when she’s taking a break from making sartorial magic.