Meet Amanda Ross

I was always supposed to open a shop.

It just took 30 years, 4 careers, and 10 different posts to get here… et Voila!

After my time spent as Market Director at Harper’s Bazaar, Fashion Director at Departures magazine, red carpet stylist for actors and celebrities, and most recently a jewelry designer, I am finally ready to take the next big step in this editorial journey.

Now about that shop…

I’m a brick and mortar type girl who still loves to write things down in a notebook as well as a magazine lover – always have been, always will be. But rarely today can I find in print the uniquely curated types of items I love to buy. And while the world is not lacking for fashion/travel websites, my 30-year detour across the metaphorical and literal fashion world brings to bear layers of experience, education, and culture that are reflected in the finds of

As the culmination of everything I’ve learned to date, this site combines the spirit of my travels, my editorial eye, and a love for items that tell a story. My hope is to share “secret addresses” from a thoughtfully curated point of view that offer depth, adventure, and that little extra chic de la chic.